The Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle From Driver's Choice

If you are looking into purchasing a vehicle, one of the most basic questions is "should I buy new or used", and there are valid arguments to be made on both sides.  For our purposes here, we are going to focus on the advantages of buying a used vehicle.

The biggest reason to buy a used vehicle is to minimize depreciation.

The most basic benefit to buying a used vehicle is simple- it costs less to buy (almost always much less) than a comparable new vehicle.  The reason for this is straightforward- the majority of a car's depreciation occurs during the first two years.  According to, a vehicle loses 11% in value, as soon as it is sold.  Further, it will typically lose 36% over the first two years.  For example, if you buy a new car for $30,000, it will be, on average, worth less than $20,000 after two years of normal use. 

So, if you buy a two or three year old car, you are getting the benefit of it still being a late-model car, with the latest technologies and features, but without taking the biggest depreciation hit. 


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At Driver's Choice we do everything possible to remove the uncertainty when purchasing a used vehicle.

One objection some people have to buying a used vehicle, is the perceived uncertainty.  At Driver's Choice, we go to great lengths to help you feel confident that you are getting a great deal.

How do I know I am Getting a Good Deal? 

We off a unique service at Driver's Choice, where we use our state-of-the-art software to check our vehicle pricing every day, to ensure we are giving you the best price in the market for that particular vehicle.  No haggling, no stress.

What About a Warranty?

At Driver's Choice, we provide a complimentary 12-month, 12,000 mile powertrain warranty on all cars 9 model years old or newer and under 90,000 miles to make you more confident in your purchase. 

What if I feel like I made a bad decision?

Simply put, you really can't.  Not with Driver's Choice.  If you decide the vehicle you bought from us wasn't the perfect choice after all, you can exchange it, no questions asked, within 7 days of the original purchase. 

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