Sarah Landsteiner | Lujack's Used Car Center, Davenport

My name is Sarah Landsteiner. I am the Credit Acceptance Manager here on the plaza. I started with Lujack's back in 2015. Before I started at Lujack's I was working as a bartender at the Jersey Grill: serving in bartending there three or four nights a week. I was looking to get into something part-time and I ended up in a full-time position at a job that I love. 

Working as a bartender gave me a lot of confidence in talking to different people from different walks of life which I think has really benefited me here at Lujack's. From talking to people for Highline dealership down to people at the used car dealership it's just been that transition was really easy because of my restaurant experience. I would say my biggest priority is helping customers get into a vehicle that they enjoy, answering any questions that they have regarding financing, just to even different makes and models of vehicles and what kind of features they have. We have guaranteed credit approval here: we can get you financed regardless of your credit history or credit background without a cosigner; we can help you in any situation that you're in.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, I spend a lot of time with my family, hanging out with my friends, my dog, taking my dog for a walk. Mostly I spend a lot of time with my family or with my friends, just hanging out on the couch with my dog, watching Netflix, nothing too exciting.

My favorite aspect of my job is not only the happiness of getting people into a vehicle that they might not normally have had a chance to get into, but the people that I work with: I work with an amazing staff and I'm just lucky to be around them. There was a customer a couple weeks back: she came in, she had just wrecked her car, she had walking pneumonia, she was having a rough week. We were able to get her into a 2015 Kia Soul and she was ecstatic, it was exactly what she wanted. She came up and gave me a hug afterwards and said "thank you so much, this was a hard week, we made everything so easy," so that was that was fun: that was great.