Rick Hawk | Lujack's Used Car Center, Davenport

My name is Rick Hawk, I am a sales consultant here at the Lujack Used Car Center. I started just about 4 years ago this month in auto sales. I was an HR professional for 25 years, decided 4 years ago that I wanted to make a change and do something completely different.

This is my first job in the automotive industry, it's been a very pleasant experience: being able to help customers and also inventory and product. My past experience, I was an HR professional for 25 years, worked in a manufacturing environment, dealt a lot with employee relations, anywhere from worker's comp, group benefits, employee doctrination, training required regulatory training, really enjoyed the position, but I wanted to try something a little bit different I had always thought about the auto industry and thought as my career was winding down in the HR field, that I wanted to give it a shot and see how I could help customers in that particular industry.

My philosophy on customer experience is just as it was when I was in the HR department: you certainly have internal and external customers. Their relationship starts when the first time you meet the customer and it does not end after the sale. My focus is to try to limit any issues the customer may have after they purchase the vehicle and I want to be involved whether that be with service or any other thing that may come up. I want to be sure that the customer is taken care of and the situation is resolved and to be able to move forward and to be able to continue to build upon that relationship.