Jason Murley | Lujack's Used Car Center, Davenport

My name is Jason Murley and I'm a sales and leasing consultant, I handle all the inventory here for Lujack Kia of the Quad Cities and I started in the car business of July of 2001. This is my first step into the car business. I started in the car business because I had been laid off from another job and needed to take care of my wife and my new son so this is what I stepped into and it's what I'm still doing today.

What drew me directly to car sales was my love of vehicles. I am a car guy, kind of a gear head on the inside, but I'm also a people person so sales was always something, naturally, that I mentally gravitated towards because I like helping people and vehicles seemed like a fit.

When a customer's looking for something the first thing that's really important to do is to ask the right questions and then listen to the answers. It's really important for me to make sure that I'm fully understanding what it is a customer's looking for when it comes to the vehicle they need so that I can make sure that I'm pointing them in the right direction and guiding them in the in the direction that's going to work for them both physically and financially. Price is always going to be something that people are sensitive to, but there's a lot more that you can get for your money from a price perspective if you really are looking in the right direction and if I'm trying to help them steer towards the the proper place. I would probably describe myself as transparent. I love to be detailed with customers, I love to be transparent; communication is very important to me, so I try to listen when somebody's talking. I try to rephrase things back and make sure that I'm understanding properly. I try to make sure the people on the same page as me when I'm sitting down with customers that they fully understand what we're discussing the terms that we're discussing. Transparency is important--there's nothing worse in my mind than when somebody is trying to connect and there's a wall in place that stops that connection, so I think being transparent with people does a couple things: it give somebody the opportunity to fully see who somebody, it also gives the opportunity to build trust, and to build a relationship because you have a more intimate connection.

Some of the favorite aspects of my job definitely are going to be working with people: I'm a type-A personality, I've got lots of great jokes, I like to have fun, and I like to interact with customers so I really like to connect and make things enjoyable. People hate buying cars, people hate dealing with salespeople, and coming to dealerships, and I like to give an experience that's different than people have had in the past. I would say that my greatest strength is probably going to be listening to the customer. I try very intently to make sure that I'm fully listening and not just waiting to talk for my next sentence because there's a lot of things that a customer can tell you when you ask them a question that allows you to help them in a better way and when you don't have a preconceived idea in place already, when you don't already have a vehicle that you want to sell them, when you don't already have something set up in mind before you fully understand, I think that's going to be it. There are lots of times the customers aren't happy, expectations can be high, and we'd all like to believe that every car is going to be perfect every day for every customer but in the in the reality of life, when car companies make hundreds of thousands of vehicles, and we live in areas where the roads are nasty, and the weather is cold, and life just happens, and there are lots of times when things just don't go as planned and our schedules get shifted and things change up and so there are many times where I try to help customers if it's with a sales transaction and you know they're trying to get things put in place properly for their own budget. If it's with a previous experience from a sales transaction where somebody felt things didn't go well I put extra effort in to try to make sure that the next session that they have is enjoyable.

Sixty-plus hours a week, there's not a whole lot of time left outside of work--I've got an incredible family I've got a beautiful wife of almost 20 years and I've got four kids a couple of boys and a couple of girls so my time outside of here is wrapped around baseball games, football games, gymnastics, birthday parties, and spending time with my wife and kids.