Ed Setlik | Lujack's Used Car Center, Davenport

My name is Ed Setlik and I work with Lujack's Kia/Mazda in Davenport, Iowa, in the Quad Cities and I started here back in April of 2016. My background from college: I was a finance and accounting major from the University of Illinois in Chicago and then I got my CPA certificate.

I started in Public Accounting and that lasted for about 10 years and after I got my taste of Public Accounting, I went into Private Accounting in corporate life and right around that time, I started a Sports Management firm with a couple of other guys that I had known for quite a long time in the accounting and legal fields. We specialized in baseball and that lasted 30 years. It was quite exciting: every March we would go to Spring Training in Arizona and Florida and then the entire baseball season we were pretty active. That was basically a part-time job because I stayed in the Accounting-Finance world also. That gave me the confidence to negotiate multimillion dollar deals, et cetera.

Also, I have a family of four kids, but as the kids grow older they get out of their childhood and their young adulthood, but when you have baseball players that are very young, it's like extending your family well into later in life so it kept me on for quite a while. I also wento into Municipal Accounting--I was the budget director for one municipality that's outside of Chicago, in Cicero, and then I was the finance director in Schiller Park, Illinois, which was just outside of O'Hare Airport. About two years into that stint with Schiller Park, I relocated here about two years ago and because of my experience in baseball where I was kind of selling intangible services, I felt kind of comfortable landing a job with Lujack's and selling very high quality, tangible products like Kias and Mazda vehicles, so that's basically my background.

Outside of work, I have an interest in sports, obviously, being a baseball agent for quite a long time, but I've always had a love for sports since grade school and high school. Quite frankly the sport I like best, especially now, is hockey. (During my time) in Chicago for the past ten years, the Blackhawks won the championship three years out of those ten, so that was after quite a drought, the Blackhawks became very relevant in a city where there was a rash of championships with the Bulls, the White Sox, and, most recently, the Cubs. I think sports are very competitve and I enjoy the Olympics where people invest their entire youth and into their young adulthood and they risk everything for a two-minute or four-minute performance on the ice or on the slopes and I find that pretty compelling stuff so in terms of reality TV, sports would be my choice.

I think at Lujack's Kia/Mazda, where we separate ourselves from the other dealerships is we provide tremendous sevice not only before the deal is constructed but afterwards, as well. We make sure by staying in contact, especially over the first three months, touching base with the customer who might be reluctant to express ignorance about a certain feature or a problem they're experiencing, we draw it out of them and we want them to be very comfortable with the vehicle that they spent their hard-earned dollars on so we're proud of that.