Antonio Stone | Lujack's Used Car Center, Davenport

Hi my name is Antonio Stone, I am a sales consultant at Lujack Used Car Super Center and I started about September of 2016. Before I got into the car business, I was in the United States Marine Corps, and after the Marine Corps, I started selling personalized insurance and was in the insurance industry for about 15 years which landed me in this industry. 

Being a car salesman, I feel like a fish in water, I've always been in sales, I've had sales background of some sort, and I feel comfortable doing what I do: talking to people and trying to help them resolve a need. What I offer my customers is definitely a unique experience of going above and beyond: I try to treat people the way I want to be treated as a customer and give them the experience that I would want to experience and I try to mirror that in the service that I provide. When someone comes in to buy a car I think it's an ingredients of giving them a little bit of a building value in the vehicle, the price, we have real time market based pricing as far as that sets the price of the vehicle, the experience that they have with me as a salesperson. It's a recipe of all of those things which in the end, the result is to have them leave happy with the vehicle of their choice.

Outside of work I'm a very fun man: I like to go fishing, I like the outdoors, I like to hunt, I'm a master pool player on the table, I like to play cards, I like to do all the guy's stuff.

What I like about working here is that no day is the same, every day is going to be different, there's the different challenges, there's a different experience, a different lesson to be learned every day in the car business. I can remember a story of a lady that I I sold a car to that she locked her keys in the car at work and she called me she said "hey, you know, I just wanted to know if I had roadside assistance on this if it came with roadside assistance" and you know that's through your insurance company, usually, but I tell you what I grabbed the our kit our unlocked kit and I drove to her job I unlocked the car for her and she sent me two referrals in the next couple days after that so it was definitely worth going out there and opening the door for her like that.