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Raving Fans from Driver's Choice

"Great service!  0 complaints

Everything was quick & salesman was knowledgeable, overall I had nice experience & I would recommend this dealer to anyone.  I also got exactly what I wanted." 

"Great car buying experience.

Angela was wonderful. She worked with us on our trade and getting us the car we wanted, even when it was on a different lot. My husband knows his price and she was on our side to get us the price we wanted. We even joked about how the car only came with one key and a couple weeks later, she called to tell us she had another one for us. Great car buying experience. It's nice to know there are good sales people out there willing to work with you on what you want and then goes above and beyond the sale. We would buy from Angela again." 

"One was great and the other greater...

Michael sold me my Honda with a trade-in.  Jason was the paper pusher.  David was the icing on the cake!  What a great guy!  What a great team!!!!"

How to Make Sure You Get the Best Price on Your Next Used Car Purchase

Shopping for a used car can be difficult, especially since no two used cars are the same.  It always makes it tougher to compare, since slight differences in mileage, options, and condition can all have an effect on the price. 

When you start the process, the first step should be to do some research online.  Find out what similar cars in your market are selling for.  Pay close attention to the information the dealer is willing to give out.  It is said that 75% of customers never see the math from a car dealer.  The reason is that the dealer doesn't want to give the customer the information to shop with.  But if you ask yourself why, the answer is simple.  They aren't confident that they are giving the customer the best possible deal.

That is what makes Driver's Choice different.  First, we want all of our customers to see the information.  How can you make an informed decision otherwise?  And with our Market Based Pricing, we know that we are giving you the best price in the area.  Our state of the art software does the online shopping, searching for comparable vehicles so that we can be certain that we are the most competitive dealer in the area.

We believe the price we put on the car gets you to look at us, and we believe the experience we give you earns your trust to keep you coming back.  Come check us out, and see what makes Driver's Choice different. 

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